Car knitting

(posted, as are the next few, on Dec 31…)

Continuing the trading of holidays, I flew back to the east coast with Kevin to visit his family for Christmas. 🙂 When we booked for Thanksgiving in early November, we’d been hoping that the prices for flights had been raised artificially — that the airlines would figure that people would panic and snatch up their $700 tickets for December. So, we gambled and waited a few weeks for them to go down. I still think it was a good idea, but prices, if anything, went up. We ended up flying United (squishy, but non-stop and way cheaper than most) to DC, then renting a car and driving up to PA. This ended up working out so that we could see my sister, who graduated in June and has a job and awesome first apartment right in the city. After a wonderful nap, look through photo albums, and brunch out at the crepe place in her neighbourhood, Kevin and I started on the road. I started a new Hayden:

For those who may make the drive, never take New York Ave to Rte 50. We sat in traffic for ages. Eventually we got off and wended our way over to 95, which was semi smooth sailing to Baltimore, when we started seeing signs like this:

By the end of the drive, the hat looked like this:

Progress! At the expense of travel time, but nonetheless progress. The first time I knit this hat, I ran into endless problems adjusting it for a larger male head. There’s something about hats that my brain just doesn’t get. This time, I had all of my notes from the time before, and yet still managed to out-think myself. After knitting on the drive, I measured and “realized” that the seven and a quarter inches of decreases couldn’t possibly work with the size of kevin’s head, so I ripped out all but an inch. Apparently I neglected to reread this post before reknitting the whole hat, because I made the exact same mistake of ripping then reknitting three inches less as a year ago. Once I realized what an idiot I was, I decided to just keep going and finish the decreases, so now I have a baby-sized sunbonnet-ish hat. After restarting, I’m this far:

(Kevin’s family is convinced I’m math-disabled… at this point I’m in no position to have proved them wrong, frequent measuring not-withstanding. I tell you, doing a gauge-swatch is no insurance against stupidity.)

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