Merry Christmas!

Since this is alledgedly at least in part a knitting blog, and since this was one of the best moments of Christmas and knitting-related to boot, I ought to show a present:

Kevin’s mom has a stocking that her aunt knit for her when she was very little. It’s utterly lovely, with her name, the year she was born, and a Christmas tree decorated with sequins. 🙂

Then, when she was married, a dear friend of her family’s knit Kevin’s dad a stocking with a portrait of him on it (note handlebar mustache!):

She also knit Kevin and his sister Kristina a stocking each when they were born.

When Kevin’s mom found out we were both coming for Christmas there, she asked the family friend to knit one more for me. Clearly, the woman is a very generous soul and a speedy knitter because when we came down the stairs on Christmas morning, there was a stocking for me. 🙂 Wow.

I was so floored. This was my first Christmas not at home with my family, and it was such a wonderful gift. Added to the fact that The Polar Express (which my aunt gave to my sister when we were little — a staunch favourite) was one of the packages underneath the tree, the magic of Christmas is still there. 🙂

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