How Neat

In the course of my travels, I came across the neatest site today: It’s a volunteer project to make audio recordings of books in the public domain. Especially for the non-tv-watching knitters out there, this could be a bonanza. 🙂 My mom (and for a few books, my dad) read aloud before bed until I reached high school, and it always used to double as knitting or sewing time. I haven’t listened to the recordings to gauge their quality, but it would be fun on non-Grey’s Anatomy nights to have a book to listen to. I’ve tried listening to the online books available from my public library, but so far it’s seemed more of a hassle than it’s worth (mostly due to the search capabilities of the website — too hard to find anything interesting).

In light of the extremely interesting copyright discussion tonight in my knitting group, plus a general desire to do the right thing, I’m hoping that their interpretation of public domain is accurate — can anyone with a better sense of copyright law/internet karma/publishing rules comment?

Unfortunately, I’m in the midst of job and school applications which require my attention*, so this will be a more exciting find in a week or two once I have a bit more luxury time in the evenings. In the meantime, I’m hoping that more of the works in progress are finished — there are some great options listed.

* Know of any technical writing jobs in the Seattle area? I’m very interested.

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