Standing Corrected

Logic kicked in on Wednesday afternoon when I realized that I was planning to knit a scarf with only 216 yards of yarn. Hmm. I’m really not clear how much yarn a scarf knit at 5 stitches per inch should consume, but my research (thank you, internet) suggests that for a 7″ scarf in more-or-less stockinette, I will need about 400 yards.

Since my knitting group has switched back to Bellevue now that the holiday traffic has thinned out it was on the way to visit Hilltop East, where I bought the two original skeins. I raced there (if you can call sitting in traffic at every light racing… ah, Seattle), squeezed in the door thirty seconds before they closed, and found that they did in fact have two more skeins of my color. I should have called ahead, but since I didn’t, this all felt miraculous. I’d decided on the ride over to just ignore the dye lot — dangerous for red, but I bought the original skeins over two months ago, and I figured that I could use dye lot A for the ends, and B for the middle, and it would work.

So it was very exciting to get home and realize that they all shared the same lot number. This project is blessed. 🙂

And only two more inches before the toe decreases for the sock. There’s a Puget Sound Aquarium Society lecture on Nano tanks on the Olympic peninsula, so I’m hoping that between car and ferry time, I may be able to finish! 🙂

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  1. What a relief. Reds are so tricky to match and you lucked out! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your scarf.

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