Happy Belated Birthday, Clowns

All that’s left on the sock is 14 stitches worth of kitchener and weaving in 2 ends, so while you wait with bated breath for that, want to see a great picture of Click?

He’s our mellow fish. The gramma is cranky, Clack (our other clown) is curious and loves to eat, but Click just sort of hangs out and keeps an eye on the shrimp for us. I was amazed to realize that we’ve now had them for over a year.

We are definitely seeing a marked size difference between the two clowns. For those who didn’t know, clownfish are protandrous hermaphrodites, which means that over their lifetime they gradually change from gender-neutral to male to female. Given two males, they will duke it out so that one stays male and the other gets to become the dominant female — it’s clear which is which, because the female is about three times the size of the male and much more aggressive. Clack is definitely becoming the female, and Click shows submissive behaviour like twitching (which was scary until we read about it as a developmental norm.)

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