Olympics: Day Three

This is a bit more like it, progress-wise:

I seem to have forgotten three beads and the entire top center section while I was stringing (oops), but since I’m adopting a loose, serendipity-driven attitude towards this scarf, it’s okay. I think that the beads will lie flatter once I block the yarn, especially since cotton is so malleable. I’m very happy so far with the pattern shaping around the beads. I did add a two stitch purl every other row on the edges, to try to prevent them from rolling as much as they would if I stuck with stockinette straight through. It seems like a wild oversight by the pattern. So far, the two stitches are rolling under, but the rest is staying flat, which I can definitely live with. I am also adding a sprinkling of beaded diamonds up the length of the scarf for a bit more visual interest — I finished the first one tonight.

In other news, tomorrow’s the first day of my new job! 🙂 I’d write more, but I ought to get to bed…

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  1. oops, I just made one of most hated typos – contraction of you are for pronoun your….gads 😉

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