Olympics: Day Fifteen

Here’s the progress heading into the final day:

The scarf is definitely long enough at this point (woah! crazy!) but I’m still knitting so that the diamond pattern matches up when the two sides are joined. I still have 8/11 of a diamond and 2/3 of an in-between-section, plus kitchenering the two sides together, weaving in ends, and blocking. I definitely think that I will finish, barring unexpected catastrophe. (commence knocking on wood.) 🙂 I noticed a slight problem (aka mistake… oops.) in the knitting an hour ago — since I forgot to add the top diamond on the edge beading of side one, it is about four stitches narrower than side two. Luckily, I noticed it early enough that I have time to decrease unobtrusively at the edges before the join.

After watching movies last night, I’ve decided that the TV was slowing me down, so today I’ve read The Da Vinci Code and the first part of Harry Potter #6 as background, which has been lovely. Nothing like a good book.

I can’t wait to be done. This has *not* been a boring experience in the least, but I am looking forward to seaming the cable sweater, and knitting wrist cuffs for my very cold office at work… I’m been maintaining focus, but I’m looking forward to both the achievement and the freedom of being done!

PS. I take back all of yesterday’s comments about my suspicions regarding Kevin as the reluctant support team. He bought groceries and made dinner, all without even reading the blog. I stand completely corrected. 🙂

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