A quarter of the way there.

I’ve been working on the Om Yoga Mat (careful, the link’s a pdf — free pattern) from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation since Saturday. I found lion brand in a color that exactly matches my yoga mat, which is actually something of a pity. I would have rather had something a shade or two darker for contrast. Though, really, what are the odds that it would have been a perfect match, since I didn’t have my mat with me when I chose the yarn? Serendipity, I suppose. 80 stitches (a reputed 22″ length) would have been too short, so I’ve been working 88. I’m up to four inches so far (out of more-or-less 13. My yoga mat has been drying — apparently if you wash them, they get less slippery — so I haven’t rolled it up to find out exactly how much I have left to knit.)

The knitting itself is taking a long time, partly due to the long rows, partly due to the lace, and partly because I’ve been reading while working. (I finally read Wicked, by Gregory Maguire. I thought it was well written and a clever spin, and I’ve never liked the whole Oz thing. Now I want to go back to the Frank Baum series which I haven’t read since elementary school and find out how far he stretched the politics and morality.) Assuming I’m a third of the way through, it should be another week or so to finish. I’ll need to block and seam the lace, and knit two straps (I want to have two i-cord straps instead of a single flat one), so there’s still a ways to go.

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  1. Wow, the Yoga mat is getting along mighty fine – thanks so much for sharing the link to the pattern, I’ve already printed it out and will make sure to try my hands at this sometime soon!

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