A tank mystery

I can tell that this will be one of those pictures that makes more sense having seen it in person, but see the small pink thing growing on this rock?

I have no idea how it got there, but this is a baby (about 2mm across) pom pom xenia. We’ve had one since October, and it’s doing very well about a foot away, but I have no idea how this little one sprouted. The hands are still too small to pulse, but you can see the fronds growing by the day. I first noticed it about three weeks ago, and have been keeping an eye on it to see if it would turn out to be a pest. I’m delighted that it’s assuming xenia-like forms, though mystified how it came to be there. It’s like a little xenia acorn.

One thought on “A tank mystery”

  1. How awesome! In gardening I believe that plants which propagate themselves without our “help” are called volunteers. Maybe you have a volunteer Xenia?! BTW if you ever find yourself in Kent there is a pet (fish) store there with the most amazing selection of live plants (for instance, I think one was called a finger sponge) that I’ve ever seeen, though I am not a connoisseur and am easily impressed by such things. I have never posted to anyone’s blog before, but felt compelled to tell you that I really like your blog and am envious of your fish-keeping abilities (and the patience you must have to clean those tanks).

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