Another tang post

In a quest to get a better picture of the tang, I settled down by the tank and aimed just at the left corner. I figured that despite all the zooming around, I’d be able to get at least a shot every time he swung by. The first effort wasn’t that bad:

I had to share all the subsequent pictures over the next three or so minutes, though. Replete with motion-blur, confusing perspective, and sideways swimming, they give as close an impression of our new guy as I could manage without video:

(As always, click the photos for a larger version.)

Just when I was about to give up, he stopped and looked at me over the top of the pvc. Thanks to the reflection, it’s actually a decent shot.

This seems to be his favourite pose of late — peeking at us for a second, before zooming off again.

One thought on “Another tang post”

  1. Susan…I think your new fish will be a great addition. Very pretty. You and Kevin have done a great job putting together a very interesting tank. Also, terrific pictures.

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