A demi-clapotis

I’m slowly winding down the first ball, and it’s looking like I may actually be done with it this week! About time!

I’ve been enjoying the colors more as they get diluted in the larger work. I’ve decided that the dark actually has its uses — it makes a beautiful foil for the burst of bright (peacock?) blue:

And I made it a few unravels past the original tip over the weekend, which feels like major progress. I’d been very worried that this would end up being too wide and not nearly long enough, but I’d forgotten that each unraveled row adds length to the scarf in addition to width. I think the end length will be perfect — the jury’s still out on the width, though.

One last texture photo:

I was working on the reverse side and enjoying the furrows from the unraveled rows compared to the spiraling columns on the top of the work. The camera has trouble with the shiny silk in bright sunlight, so you’ll have to try to sub in the turquoises and blues from the photo above. So lovely.

2 thoughts on “A demi-clapotis”

  1. Amazing! What beautiful yarn, the colors are so pretty and remind me of the sea.

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