Back to the Bus

I am trying to get back in the habit of taking the bus.

After starting my new job in February, the convenience of public transportation diminished somewhat. The bus used to drop off a five minute walk from my office, but I’m now in a different part of the campus and so the walk is nearly twenty. At first, Kevin and I were carpooling, but then he switched jobs in March and is on a different campus altogether. Once that ended, the combination of the potential for late afternoon rain showers and the walking time led to lots of time in the car.

I realize that this is pathetic, especially since I frequently follow the bus to work. So, I’m trying this week to be a bus-taker for four of the five days. Day one was less than stellar: I missed the morning bus by about 50 feet (wrong side of a walk light), and the afternoon one by about four minutes… clearly I’m out of practice for interpolating a leaving time from the bus schedule. Both meant an extra half hour of added wait time.

At least I brought my knitting, so there’s an upside. I made it through a solid two inches today of the never-ending tank top, and can now start the interesting detailing on the front! Sweet!

The challenge for the week will be trying to remember to how to enjoy spending time without three consecutive activities at once. My forty minutes of walking that buffers each bus ride currently feels like very wasted time. It’s been an incredibly busy summer, both professionally and personally, and I think I need to relearn downtime. This isn’t a bad week for it — my major deadline for the summer was last week, and all of the visitors and social events are now clear. I’m resisting loading my ipod full of educational materials/news/new music for the week — just walking and knitting. I didn’t even bring reading materials so that I could multitask.

Hopefully my timing is a bit more on the mark tomorrow. How much knitting progress can I really make in two days?

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