The destructo-cats

Our friends Kevin and Jessie (last seen on the blog on the opening night of the knitting Olympics) were just married! It was the first wedding of my generation that I’ve been to, and it was lovely. Now they’re honeymooning in Costa Rica, and we’re in charge of hanging out with their cats and fish. 🙂

The cats are a riot. They all run to the front door at the sound of the key, and are all stacked up and peering around the door as you open it. For an apartment that is essentially cat-proofed, they still find a lot to get into: taking all of the tupperware out of the cupboards, shredding full rolls of paper towels, worming their way behind the fish stand to get to the fish food…

I set my things down while cleaning up one of their misadventures and came back to find Leo and Babar purring away next to my keys.

Very, very cute. However, given that they were responsible for the end of my last keychain (a red lifeguard lanyard, gifted to me by my brother after I lost mine over Spring Weekend in college), I’m sure the purring and cuteness was just a facade. It’s probably good that I came back into the room when I did, or I’m sure that ribbon would have seen the end of its days…

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