Yay for visitors

My friend from high school, Kristine, is moving out here for a masters, and she drove into town on Friday with Liesel (another high school friend) and her boyfriend, conveniently also named Kevin. They all stayed the night at our apartment, which was such fun, especially given that they showed the appropriate degree of interest in the fish tank.

We stayed up past five (!) catching up and watching celebrity jeopardy, and then Kristine went to settle in at her new place and Liesel and Kevin flew back to DC.

I’m so happy to have a new old friend in town, especially given all of the recent attrition.

It was also so fun to see Liesel again, since it’s been ages and she’s up to all sorts of interesting things. (Such as: I was all impressed that she’s training for her second marathon. If you like giving money to worthy causes, she’s running for the Whitman-Walker clinic in DC, which cares for AIDS patients.)

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