And he cooks!

He had palicintas (Hungarian for crepes) for dinner last night. This was one of my favourite dinners as a child, because in addition to being delicious, my mom would put out the lazy susan and load it up with fruits and fillings and assorted varieties of sugar — the end result tasted like dessert and was wonderfully close to toeing the line of playing with your food. There were a few rules as a nod to basic nutrition: you had to have yogurt or cottage cheese in all/most, and I seem to remember that including multiple kinds of sugar (white, brown, jam, honey…) per palicinta was frowned upon.

Apparently I’ve cultivated slightly different tastes as an adult, since our topping options this time around included chicken, feta, goat cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions sauteed with balsamic vinegar, etc… We had raspberries and ice cream, and it takes a long time to cook a full batch of palicintas, so Kevin decided to work on a chocolate fondue-ish sauce to go with the dessert options. He found a recipe in the Joy of Cooking, and was working along with that. It called for evaporated milk, and we only had regular, condensed, or dry. Dry seemed the closest to him, so he went with that, but after it wouldn’t boil, he added a bunch of skim from the fridge. By the time it was becoming very clear for me that something had gone awry, he felt that he’d committed far too much time and effort to just give up. At the 45 minute mark, the dense finished product clung to itself and would have made an excellent, if greasy, hockey puck.

Luckily the rest of the dinner was markedly more edible…

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