Keeping up with the Joneses

…and in this case, the Joneses care deeply about buying vegetables. So, listening to all of the “organic vs. not”, and “buy locally vs. not”, and “cheaper!” discussion, I decided to go to the Redmond Saturday Market.

I used to go to farmers markets in Boston all the time because there was one outside my office on Wednesdays and Fridays, and another halfway home at Copley on (I think) Thursdays. But, like public transportation, that more or less went out the window when I moved to Seattle. Really, it’s ridiculous not to go, especially given that with the money saved on veggies, you can buy gorgeous fresh flowers! (The ones in the photo were $5. It’s *such* a pity that the Seattle flower sellers don’t do weddings in the Boston area…)

The only shame of the matter is that everything isn’t clearly labeled, so I wasn’t entirely sure what I ended up buying. For example, those are definitely Champagne grapes, and I would have classified the guys in the middle as plums… but the smaller, bluer ones on the left also seem like plums…??

Help?! Can any of the veggie aficionados help determine what fruit I have? It’s delicious…

4 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Joneses”

  1. Both are plums. If the small purple ones are yellow inside, I think they are called prune plums. They used to be common but for some reason you rarely see them these days.

  2. The are Italiain Prunes or plums. I have an entire tree of them. If you like these let me know I can bring you bags full of them on Wednesday.

  3. definitely prune plums. we used to get them by the basket when we lived in Seattle, and make jam out of them.

    I’m not sure about those being champagne grapes, though… they look so large. unless those plums in the middle are the size of golf balls…

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