Some knitting

Thursday was the company meeting, held in the Mariners Stadium. Definitely a “drinking the company koolaid” experience, and now everyone wants a Zune and is excited about Live. 🙂

Choosing to be more constructive with my time than the dimwit behind me who brought the airhorn, I made it through a significant chunk of the back of my new project — a hooded vest with cables.

This is definitely an “as it goes along” sort of project, and there’s no pattern, so we’ll see how it turns out. It’s based loosely on a non-hooded fleece vest for the dimensions. I’m using the second half of my 24th Birthday Yarn (a heathery dark green shade of Cascade 220) from my brother and sister, which is fun. 🙂

And, how neat:

If you put the camera in sunset mode, you get great cable definition on dark yarns. Cool!

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