A little arts and crafts sanity

Life has been all busy recently, and I’ve been feeling stressed, and I decided recently that part of the problem was that I never bought a calendar for 2006. I’d tried to, but I didn’t find one I liked, and then I waited for them to go on sale, but by the time they did I was busy interviewing for a new job and I never made it out. So, in an effort to free up the part of my brain that’s currently devoted to remembering the next three weeks of activities, I decided to make a little one to carry around with me.
The cover is a cutout from my ’05 calendar (I love the tree trunk):

And the inside is printed out screenshots of the Google Calendar that they’ve rolled into gmail.

I suppose I could just use the gmail calendar online, as it’s meant to be used, but for some reason that crosses my privacy threashold. So tiny carry-around calendar, it is.

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