Not exactly the posting queen

I’ve always posted in batches, but the habit seems to have gotten a bit more exaggerated of late… oops.

No good excuses, I’ve just been busy, mostly with work. They’ve been buying us dinner, so I’ve been staying long enough to eat, then going home and burning some midnight oil there. The futon/laptop combo is so appealing (especially since I can knit while I research. 🙂 and wear pajama pants while I knit.). There should be another month of craziness, and then everything ought to simmer down for a while over the holidays…

As for the posting, it feels an awful like when whatever teacher would check your journal at the end of the month in middle school to see if you’d been doing your daily entries. I always stayed up late that last night to write twenty of them at a go, and now isn’t any different. Rock on, procrastination. But it’s still that same feeling of achievement and catching up, and the blog is fun to me, especially as a personal reference. So the posting in batches will continue. 🙂 Hope you don’t mind reading a week’s worth or so at a time.

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