In-flight entertainment

I rarely seem to fly during the day anymore, since red-eye flights are always cheaper. But since Microsoft was paying, I decided to live it up and take an early afternoon flight on Saturday. The bonus of this was, even though Seattle was all cloaked in dismal low clouds, Rainier and its foothills were totally visible. I was completely entranced — 45 minutes of excellent entertainment. I used to have a computer background of the Appalachians — swell after swell of blue mountains rising from the mist. This was the plane/volcano equivalent. If you click for the larger version, you can even see the silver river winding towards Rainier.

The plane passed it, and just as I lost my view, we turned south, so then I had a view of Rainier’s east face, with Mount St. Helens behind it to the right (you can see the flat top still from the eruption if you click for the bigger version) and Adams behind to the left.

Gorgeous. 🙂

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