While I was relieved to graduate, and while I don’t think anything could compel me to trade age 25 for 21, I have to say that going back to Brown is always wonderful. I wasn’t expecting to know anyone when I went back other than my brother, and yet I ran into all these people. I saw Crew Matt (nickname, not real name. also back to visit) on the way to Keeney. A kid who’d been a really boppy freshman in the CS15 section I TA’d senior year is now a grad student. A fellow CSer was recruiting with me. And I kept running into the interns from last summer who are now seniors, which was friendly and fun. I went to the Ratty for sunday brunch and read the BDH, lurked in a bunch of classes, scoped all of the new stores on Thayer, and sat on the green watching people swing by the tables set up to promote loving your body and valuing women (yay, college).

I think I felt older on campus as a senior than I feel now, which is kind of fun. Clearly I’m on the path to becoming a true alum — still feel like I belong. A kid in the stairwell invited me to a “don’t talk about your job party” in his suite for all of the seniors that haven’t decided what they want to be when they grow up — he didn’t seem phased to hear that I’d graduated and had one already. 🙂

Such nostalgia and good fun. I enjoyed cutting across Lincoln Field from Wriston — a constant for four years:

And worked late at night (on my slides, for the presentation I gave on Tuesday night about Content Publishing) in the CIT with my coffee and my music:

And met Dave for dinner at his favourite bar off Wriston (picture taken as he was saying “Suze! What’re you doing? No pictures!”):

Yay, brunonia.

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  1. There is nothing like being back on campus. Everyone looks more or less like they did when you graduated, which always makes me feel young again.

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