Two roadtrips, two days.

For some reason it’s next to impossible to find cheap (or even reasonable) flights from Seattle to Philadelphia, so for the second year in a row we flew into a different city on JetBlue and then drove the rest of the way. Though 95 probably would have been quicker, we brought the atlas and wended our way through New Jersey on state roads. Driving in the northeast is always such an adventure, and being tired didn’t help. We laughed and laughed when we saw this sign — the only reason I got such a clear shot is that we didn’t understand quite where we were supposed to turn and had to loop back for a second go at it. (Answer: we didn’t want 514 E, we wanted 518 W. Oops. Clearly the navigator – me – wasn’t all awake…)

Spirits were definitely high, though, especially with the constant sightings of old east coast favorites… Somehow I missed getting a picture of Wawa (a PA coffee/food/convenience chain that Kevin is devoted to). One intersection had a CVS, Dunkin Donuts and Wawa on three of its four corners, which fueled enthusiastic conversation for the next few miles. 🙂

On Monday, we headed down to Maryland with Kevin’s mom to see her mother. I was in the back, happily knitting my clapotis, when we ran across this gem:

Jesus recycles people?! I’m not sure if the sunbeams make that statement more credible (or at least relevant), or less so. Huh. Yay, roadtrips.

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