Week Eleven

Wow, what a great week for football. We headed back to the east coast for Thanksgiving week — we flew on a redeye into JFK
first thing on Sunday morning, then drove to Kevin’s parents just in time for the Eagles game. We were the only people in the room without Eagles jerseys on. (Though, thankfully for family relations, we cheered for the correct team.) The game was horrible (13-31!!), but my fantasy guys were fine (if a disappointing game from Reggie Brown), and everyone else enjoyed that TO had a lousy game — there’s no love lost from those Eagles fans.

Seneca Wallace, Sea 14
RB Marion Barber, Dal 15
RB/WR Laurence Maroney, NE 17
WR Terrell Owens, Dal 7
WR Reggie Brown, Phi 3
TE L.J. Smith, Phi 11
D/ST Patriots 17
K Jason Elam, Den 10
RB Shaun Alexander 0
WR Deion Branch, Sea 18
WR Reggie Williams, Jac 1
WR Keyshawn Johnson, Car 3
WR Jermaine Wiggins, Min 6
WR Correll Buckhalter, Phi 5
D/ST Seahawks 5
QB Jon Kitna, Det 3

My relatively recent pickups (tight end Jermaine Wiggins for week 9 and Buckhalter after week 10) proved not to do much — good thing that I left both of them on the bench. I was very pleased with myself for playing Seneca Wallace instead of Kitna (who played Arizona this week) — I’m sad that it’s his last week starting. He’s been a great player for the run of Hasselbeck’s injury. Maroney is back to being great for points after quite a few off weeks, and Marion Barber had another good game. Jason Elam was very strong, and earned kudos, and then the Patriots D were awesome. 35-0? Not bad.

The final piece of news is that Deion Branch had another awesome week. Such a pity that Seneca is due for a return to the bench, since that relationship is clearly great for fantasy numbers. And it might be time to trade away Reggie Williams…

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