Turning the corner

Look what I have here!

I’ve finally turned the corner and started the decreases on my Clapotis! I brought it with me to PA, and after a week of steady work (80+ rows), I finished the last 30 or so over the first part of the week. I turned the corner Wednesday night, and last night decreased through another section and a half on each edge. It’s starting to feel like running downhill, since I have one less stitch each row and they go faster and faster. It’s very motivating. Also, the lengths of the columns of stitches that I have to drop are decreasing too. Now I only have two more full-length columns, and the ones on the other side are very short. I can’t wait to be done.

The only point of concern is the amount of yarn left. I had two balls of yarn, and didn’t weigh the scarf after finishing the increases, so I can only count the rows before and after joining the yarn to decide when to start decreasing. If the first ball has much more yarn than the second, I may have to rip the entire decrease section and redo. I gave myself two full rows worth of grace by starting decreases after 128 rows instead of 130, but we’ll see… It’s not going to look like much left of the ball when I get down to the finish.

(PS. I’ve finally finished updating all of the posts I meant to write over the last two and a half weeks. Enjoy! Sorry about the delay! To see all of them, read November 2006.)

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