My wedding planning spot

This has been my frequent after-work spot for several weeks. Feed the dudes, fix dinner, kick off my shoes, turn on my daylight compact florescent lamps, and pull up the foot rest. Then research things on the laptop and send out emails to Kevin, who’s been working late for ages. Note the huge pile of post it notes on one side, and full pages of notes and photocopies on the other. There’s even a ubiquitous Maui guidebook on the arm of the futon. They’re littered all over the apartment.

I just realized this week that we’re down to three and a half months before the wedding. How terrifying. Not from a joint-life-together standpoint (I’m *totally* ready for that), but from a planning standpoint. It’s really not that many workdays to make all of the calls to east coast businesses during work hours. Scary.

Speaking of planning, I know from my link tracker that there are a few Boston-area readers. Do any of you happen to know of any great DJs? We’re looking for someone who can play quiet, ambient music during dinner, and get people to dance after, but won’t be an emcee. Most of the cross-country planning has actually been going very well, especially given my Mom’s organization, but this has been a stalling point. Non-Boston crowd, if any of you have thoughts where to look, I’d be very open to suggestions. (We’re leery of Craigslist since we can’t meet or screen ahead of time, but everything else is on the table.)

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