Almost Crocuses

Late Feruary seems to be bulb time in Seattle. The weather still hasn’t evened out — one day it’s seventies and sunny, and they for the next two weeks it’s deep clouds and forties. This weekend has been the latter, which doesn’t lend itself to plant photos.

After giving up for two days, I finally decided to just take photos with a flash. The deeply exciting part is that these pictures were taken on a dark day at 5:15, and yet the sky is still light. We’re making progress!!

Here are the almost-crocuses. I check on them every morning, and while they get closer and closer, they haven’t quite bloomed yet. Soon!!

The front porch is doing better. My daffodils are sprouting more heads by the day. They do tend to reflect the flash, though, so sorry for the crummy lighting.

I’m ready for spring!!

One thought on “Almost Crocuses”

  1. I can’t wait for Spring too – especially after the freezing rain and snow today. I love seeing all the flowers coming up in our neighborhood.

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