So little

I hadn’t posted the finished sweater because I wanted to gift it first. The recipient put on a growth spurt, and passed four pounds, so I was pretty certain it would no longer fit. I almost didn’t even both to gift it, assuming it would now be too small, so I was a bit shocked when the parents exclaimed that it would still be so big on her. Seems pretty teeny to me!

Given a do-over, I would have used acrylic instead of cotton, or found a floppier cotton. This is more structured than cuddly — not quite what I was hoping for. The yarn is Rowan’s Cotton Glace (color #747), and while it was great to knit with, it’s just too sturdy for an item this teeny. Good to know.

I’m also pretty iffy on the button. My original thought was to use velcro, but I felt like it would destroy the sweater in the wash. I had a hard time finding guidance for knitting preemie clothes online, but one recommendation that seemed to recur was to use 1/2″ round buttons, since they’re easiest for the NICU nurses to quickly manipulate. The same site advised against metal closures, since they can get hot under the lights. This button fits those guidelines, matches the ribbon, and is a bit cute with the flowers, but it just isn’t growing on me. Such an “almost-but-not-quite” ending.

A bright note: Since this only took 4/5ths of the first ball of yarn I bought, I’m thinking of making a pretty, spring pair of these dudes with the leftovers!

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