Not exactly what we had in mind…

We’ve been all stymied trying to find a wedding band for Kevin — everything in the stores is very, for lack of a better word, complicated. Mixes of metals, braids, leopard-print, diamonds… The “just a plain ring” concept turns out to be hard to find. Anyone have Seattle-area recommendations?

Because otherwise, we’re resorting to this: the internet, and post-it notes cut down to size…

5 thoughts on “Not exactly what we had in mind…”

  1. On Matt’s and my 10th anniversary, he wanted a plain platinum band instead of his fancy one that he had and you know where we finally found one? Fred Meyer Jewelers. Crazy. I on the other hand, got to have a sparkling diamond eternity platinum band for our 10th anniversary.

  2. Hi – I’m a new addition to the Eastside Stitchers group but haven’t been to a knit night yet. Anyway, I have a GREAT recommendation for you! We found a really great selection, decent prices and awesome customer service at Green Lake Jewelry Works. They are incredible! Check their website: Good luck!

  3. Nate outgrew his, and we bought him a new one at Jared in Alderwood. It’s a plain, white gold band.

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