Fun Visitors

My dad just switched jobs, and within a fortnight of starting managed to get on a trip out to Seattle for a conference. Yeah! The last time that he and Mom were out here was October 2004, which is sort of mindboggling. I was midway through my half-year vacation, our fishtank was just set up with rocks, but no fish, Kevin was still five months away from the Mustang, and the apartment was laid out totally differently. Now, we’re both two jobs down the line, we’re mere weeks away from our wedding (shocking, but yay!), and everything’s just settled. It was so fun to have them here.

The weather almost cooperated — we had glimmers of mountains and a few hours of sun. Better than it could have been. We didn’t do much of the touristy bit this trip. We spent a few hours on Saturday driving through the neighbourhoods that Kevin and I would consider buying in, which was good fun. We walked to the center of town for free cone day. My dad got fitted for his tux for the wedding, which made me grin. We’ll look great for our walk together down the aisle. 🙂

Here’s Dad — we enjoyed the sunlight in the room upstairs on Saturday, which shone through even though it was raining outside.

And here’s Mom, taking a tour in the crinoline:

My dress was shipped from the shop in Florida so that I could get it fitted out here, and it arrived just a few days before my parents did. I can’t get into it by myself — too many layers of delicate fabric, not to mention the laces, zippers and buttons — and so it was so fun to finally get to try it on.

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