New dude: a shrimp!

I should have posted this two weeks ago. After about five months of a clown-only tank, we finally went to the fish store to pick up a new dude. We got him home and he hid behind the torch coral for the first four days. We finally stopped coddling him by feeding him where he was and started luring him out, and now he’s taken up residence on the underside of the overflow box.

Every now and then he swings around and I can get a better shot. He’s still a bit freaked by the flash, so I haven’t persisted, even though these are still only moderate.

The clowns are intrigued. The old shrimp used to hang out with them, and this one is much smaller, which they seem to appreciate. However, he stays near the top of the tank, and they don’t spend too much time at the surface unless they’re eating. They’ve mustered the courage to get close enough for the shrimp to do a quick cleaning a few times. We ought to start feeding him lower and then maybe he’d start hanging out on the rocks where the fish could reach him?

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