Knitting, flowers, spiders

I started working on Isabella (a new knitty pattern). The major draw was all of that stockinette, plus I have hopes (we’ll see…) that it will be a perfect amount of yarn for the leaf green Jaeger Siena 4-ply that I bought on sale in New Hampshire last year. In any case, given the things to think about , and the buses (I’ve gotten back on the public transportation bandwagon), and the impending planes for the wedding and honeymoon, stockinette seems perfect. 🙂

Despite many hours and many rows, at a gauge of 7 st/inch it doesn’t really knit up all that quickly, so pictures so far are boring. The best I can do is show you it with the over-bright pansies, geraniums, and mystery pink flowers. 🙂

The interesting part of that picture though, is the little dude that you can’t see without the zoom. I discovered him a week ago when I was watering the planter and inadvertantly watered him. He was not pleased.

The best I can tell is that he’s one of the 3000 species of the family Thomisidae. The common names are Flower Spiders or Crab Spiders. Both are apt, but the second one especially rings true — when I first saw him, especially moving, he looks like something we’d discover in our tank at one in the morning.

The lavendar spots are especially cool. While I am *not* a spider fan, and he’s big, he genuinely acts more scared of me than I am of him. He’s always on or under the same bloom, and I’m getting used to him.

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