A wedding Present!

I’ve been spending a decent percentage of the last few weeks at my eye doctor. For the first time in many years, it’s looking like my prescription is actually *improving*! Woah! Sweet. This means that, combined with all of the next lenses that have come on the market in the last year, there are all sorts of new combinations for me to try. My doctor’s great, and he’s far less willing to throw in the towel than I am. (I’d love to be able to look up from my work at a colleague and give them a “yes?” look, instead of the stare of death. But, I work in front of a computer all day, in an air conditioned environment due to all the computers, and so I can’t wear contacts at work, so I can’t really see the people who enter my office. I wear glasses in the hall, and flip them up in front of the computer. I don’t expect this to change.)
(I’d also love to wear contacts for our whole wedding — a major increase from the 2-4 hours that have been comfortable before.)
Anyway, I more or less have a good contact to order at this point, but he wanted to try me for one more set (two weeks). As he usually does, he threw in an extra pair of samples. Since that would take me to exactly the middle of my wedding/honeymoon trip, I asked if I could buy two extra sets. It’s a small office, and when he heard that it was my wedding and honeymoon (apparently, he’s an avid Hawaii snorkeler), everyone pitched in. They gave me extra contacts, more solution, and even single-use contacts to use while I went snorkeling! Woah. Good fun. Thanks, Redmond Eye Clinic!

(For those with contacts, you will recognize the generosity. Woah!)

Everyone has been very interested in the wedding, but I think that this was my first “It’s a bride!!!” experience. 🙂 Mad cool. I left grinning.

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  1. Ooh, we have the same eye doctor! When I asked him if he treats infants (Claire needed a follow-up appointment with an opthamologist because of her prematurity) he said to just bring her in when I came to pick up my contacts, and he gave her a free eye exam! Granted, an infant exam only takes a few minutes, but I appreciated it!

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