New Yarn!!

Can you guess the (apparent) color of the week?

🙂 I’ve been sitting on Christmas “yarn” money for months, waiting to be inspired. Best of all, not only did they all come at once, but they were all on sale. Best kind of yarn! 🙂

I’ve been admiring the Soy Silk for the better part of three years now. Finding it for 1/2 off in the Parrot color was worth two skeins. I don’t have plans… Maybe wrist warmers, maybe a scarf. Any thoughts?

The blue cotton ease was an impulse sale purchase. All of a sudden, there are a bunch of fall babies. It seems like something that wouldn’t go to waste.

Next was the sock yarn. I’ve been mulling over a new pair of “Knitting on the Road” socks for Hawaii (advantage — small enough not to interfere with tanning in a bikini!). Meanwhile, I’ve been coveting a fellow S&Bers’ Trekking XXL– I’m hoping this is a monochromatic enough blue to satisfy my rules against self-striping yarn. We’ll see! In any case, it’s pretty, soft, and machine-washable. Trekking XXL, color 104:

Then there was the Rogue cardigan yarn. I’ve been looking for a good machine-washable cotton for ages. I knit a Rogue two and a half years ago and loved it. The cardigan, though, is more my style, and I’d love the zip. This yarn was billed as “True medium blue”, and after a few days of looking at it, I haven’t come up with a better name. It will be a great match for khaki, black and grey pants. The yarn itself is shiny and round — I can’t wait to knit it up. King Tut, %100 finest cotton, color #1142:

Yay new yarn. Other than two baby sweaters, the last time I bought yarn was March 2006! The shopping has been fun!

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