Weddings Make Us Tired

In between one-day-pre-wedding parties on Friday, my brother Dave ordered me to a nap. Smart kid. I didn’t actually fall asleep, but following the orders to just lay down for a few minutes was incredibly energizing.

A few minutes later, Kevin wandered upstairs and joined me in the sprawl, and Dave took a photo. This is about 17 hours out from the main event. 🙂

(It was also nice to have a few minutes to just BE together. Despite almost three years of living together, we both wanted to retreat to our separate quarters the evening before the ceremony. As we got to the day, we both second-guessed that decision. It ended up being totally a good one, but I needed those minutes to gather strength from him. It always amazes me how comforted and bolstered I am from being around Kevin. He’s so steady.)

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