Rehearsal Dinner

Kevin and his parents took care of the rehearsal dinner, which was exceptional. We had it at Stellina’s in Watertown, and they provided a private room, amazing food, and excellent service. I loved having that many important people in one room — and then the details of the setting made it truly an evening to remember. 🙂

While we were milling, everyone’s cameras were out. Here’s Stacey (a *very* close Weston family friend), Neen (Kevin’s sister, one of my two bridesmaids), me grinning like mad, my great-aunt Irene, and my grandmother.

And then here’s a great shot of (my brother/groomsman) David, (my sister/maid of honour) Sharon, and (best man) Larry. Apparently within seconds of this photo, Shar and Larry realized that they were planning to give the same speech/toast at the reception. Larry was *exceedingly* the gentleman and let Sharon take the anecdote. 🙂 Both speeches were awesome, so here’s to both.

(I’m not being nice. The speeches really were excellent. We’re incredibly lucky to know people that would say such nice things and so eloquently.)

Here’s a great shot of Kevin and his parents:

This photo is dark, and I apologize to Kevin’s parents for catching both of them in the middle of a conversation, but it’s an awesome photo of my Dad (on the left) smiling. 🙂

And Kevin and his grandmothers:

I’ll post more once I get my photos off of Kevin’s laptop. 🙂

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