We’re back!


I’ve had about a zillion emails in the last day (singular) telling me that we should be back and asking where all of the photos were. 🙂 Yee!

We ARE back, the wedding WAS happy and perfect, and the honeymoon WAS idyllic. So, yay. 🙂 I’ve back tracked back and filled in much of the last three weeks, and then I’ll continue to write as we upload photos and think of new things to say. 🙂

I’m so happy to be back in Seattle. Kevin went to the grocery store today, and the climes are getting summery, and it’s just lovely. I love being here. Can’t wait to post more. Yay!

added on Saturday the 16th:
P.S. I’ve gotten a swarm of emails from people who think my blog is broken because they keep getting batches of posts at a time in their RSS feeder.

It’s not broken, I’m just deficient. 🙂 So many people post every day, and spoil the rest of us. I seem to save up posts over many days, and then post in batches. (It reminds me of when we had to write journals for whatever subject in high school. I’d procrastinate and procrastinate, and then spend an entire weekend writing a quarter’s worth the day before they were due.) Some things don’t change. Sorry that I don’t seem to get with the program, but I’m not in the mood to write every day (especially after writing all day at work), and so this seems to work better. 🙂

To those who DO post daily, thank you! I click and read through — it’s my lunchtime treat.

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  1. Somehow bloglines doesn’t pick up your feed when you publish b/c all of a sudden, there’s 14 posts to read! Glad you had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon. Will look forward to seeing your pictures!

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