This week has been so exciting because we put in an offer on a house we loved, and have been counter-offering for the last few days like mad. And then, this afternoon, someone put in a full-price offer and we lost it. 🙁 Madly disappointing. 🙁 We’re sad.

To balance out the second guessing, here are more quilt squares:

I’ve “biggened up” 7 more squares, bringing the full sized tally to 13, and the still-little tally to 48. I’m excited because I haven’t been clear that the “landscape” quilt design would work, but seeing the squares so far convinces me. How cool. I guess an upside of losing the house is that it’s more incentive to work on the quilt?? Seems like a stretch. We wanted the house.
:-/ Eee. I’ll be more positive tomorrow.

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