And there’s the lake

My nice healthy state of denial about losing the house is occasionally chipping, and there’s no Harry Potter to distract me like yesterday, and so it’s been an out of sorts kind of day.

A major bright side is that I finally went through and tallied all of the quilt squares I need to make larger, and the damage isn’t as bad as I thought. I’ve already fixed the 7 green squares. On Friday, I cut the strips for the fifteen lake squares, and today I finished sewing them. I have four more mixed green/blue squares, and then the bottom portion of the quilt will be ready to sew together!

So next up on the fixing bandwagon are the pale blue and yellow sky squares. These will be a project, since they’re already all seamed together. There are 28 squares — five short of what’ I’ve completed so far. Those 28 squares need to be seam-ripped apart, I need to cut 4 new strips for each, and then sew the strips on and re-seam. I keep going back and forth on how daunting I find that work. It’s probably about 5 nights worth?

The good news is that the mountains are already big! Those are the ones I was dreading, since I was already running out of two of the purples, and there’s no way I could have finished if I also had to make existing squares larger. I remember vague angst about needing to rethink some part of the design as the reason I’d stopped sewing last summer, but I’d blocked out exactly what had happened to make me feel like this project was hopeless. I’m guessing that the size of the already-completed squares took the prize.

I’ve updated the sidebar to show the resizing status. (The dark blue and green squares are already counted as finished, given this weekend’s work.) Jobs like this are easier when you can appreciate your progress.

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