Clownfish in the mist

I love this photo.

One of the tank care items that we do every other day or so is to blast the rocks and sand with a turkey baster, to stir up debris and detritus. Then it can be filtered out of the water, and the tank looks all glittery and clear a few hours later. I’ve always felt terrible for the fish, though, since it would be like breathing smoke, until we went to Hawaii and saw how murky with sand the water there gets every afternoon when the wind picks up. Since then, I’ve been basting with renewed vigour.

This picture was of Clack from the back of the tank, through the swirling murk. In the tank, you can see the pink mushrooms, yellow and orange zoos,
and the cursed shiny green bubble algae. You can also see through the tank into the living room: the red couch with its white pillows, the kayaks in their stand… Still life of living room through a fishtank. 🙂

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