New yarn and fun buttons

I needed cute, fun, wash & dryable white flower buttons for my mystery knitting project, and so I made a point while we were in Boston of taking a trip to Windsor Button. It’s between my old office and the Park Street T station – and so a fun and nostalgic place to visit. I haven’t been there in three years, and it’s gentrified quite a bit. Much more yarn — I had fun browsing. And all the buttons you could wish for, except they’re all behind a counter, which makes color matching hard. That serendipity of an unexpected match can’t happen because you’re squinting from two yards away. Kind of a pity.

In any case, I found my flower buttons.

And, I found good gender-neutral Cotton Fleece for a friend’s fall baby, and adorable elephant buttons.

The buttons don’t quite match, but it’s a near enough miss that I’ll probably use them anyway. 🙂

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