An unintentional day off

A pretty quick day – Kevin was planning to go to Home Depot to buy drywall and rent a truck to bring it home (did you know that Home Depot rents pickups for $20??) when the weather reports all came in that we were supposed to have an evening windstorm.

Of course, after the mess of a storm last year, everyone panicked and fled to home, but even we weren’t about to try to drive home several sails of drywall in major wind and rain. (No damage done from this windstorm – a few flickering lights, a few branches on the ground, but nothing scary or overly destructive, luckily.)

The advantage to not being able to work on the family room was that we got to watch the Red Sox win 7-1 in game 5! Rock on!!

(This photo is also notable since it shows our practically empty closet! Oooh! Contrast it with the disaster of a box-strewn living room…)

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