This was a 75% successful day.

Kevin got up early for football ( his first time playing quarterback for his IM league!) and I got up to start making phone calls. We finally ordered our fridge, which is so exciting, but I completely forgot that Kevin had changed our credit card address already, and so we’re lost in the seventh circle of Sears customer service hell. Totally user error (and after I’ve finally gotten competent at introducing myself with my new, married last name!), but now our fridge won’t be here for (an indeterminate number of) days and days.

On the flip side, the mattress people came with our daybed mattresses, and the DirecTV people came to say that our trees really are *enormous* and that there is exactly one spot on the property that they can erect the dish. Sigh. At least it ought to work and Kevin can get his football.

For a first car trip, I did my bike, the Christmas ornaments, and a lot of clothes, shoes and luggage. Next, I brought over a load of almost everything non-garment that was in my closet. Not to brag, but I am apparently *very* adept at not only filling closet space, but sneaking in bits above, below, and around the traditional space. After plenty of weeding out and lots of packing, I’m down to about two boxes left. Rock on. 🙂

Kevin did an awesome job of removing some of our extra garage shelving. Here’s the first shot of the Mustang in the garage before he started ripping down cabinets.

I’m quite pleased. They were old and barely attached, so it’s better to have blank walls. 🙂 3 down, and now the rest I can live with. Yay!!

Amanda came over for our first new house visit!! We sat on the floor, ate cookies and watched her (almost 13 mo) daughter lay waste to the packing supplies and push the stereo speakers around. Our living room windows are now delightfully hand-printy – it was so fun to have company, even if we aren’t quite furniture-equipped.

(I love the look on her face – that’s exactly how I feel about the new house, too. :-))

I also finally finished screwing the back on our new buffet cabinet!! It’s gorgeous. It’s self-assembly, but Crate and Barrel has totally mastered the details — check out the hardware packaging! ((Held together with ribbon! Ooh!)

I’m so excited to put all of our new wedding gifts in it – so pretty!

I’ll have to get a daylight photo once these clouds diminish a bit…

3 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. You are simultaneously making me more anxious to get closed on our house, and happy that it seems we have a LOT less work to make the place livable. 🙂 It’s fun seeing what all you’re doing as I’m getting ready to do the same sort of stuff.

  2. Susan! your house looks so amazing. The floors look gorgeous from the photos. You’re doing a great job on the fixing up too. How exciting!

  3. Oooo – so pretty! Even the newly cleaned out garage. I love the big windows in the living/dining rooms It looks like such a great house!!

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