I took a few pictures of the new crocuses in the morning before work!

Good thing, too, because by the evening they were gone, again. 🙁 Nibbled down to the quick, with only a few stubby leaves and flower debris remaining. I wonder which creature is eating them. We have a million squirrels, I’ve seen a few rabbits, and Kevin’s seen a cat. My money’s on the rabbit. I wish it would stop.

I found more buds out front, so I’ll have to be eagle-eyed, and more blooms, this time in one of my planters!

Hopefully these ones will be spared for a few days.

One thought on “Crocuses!”

  1. In my yard, it’s the squirel who munches at my tulip leaves. Last year he was knocking the flower heads off. He nibbles on my camelia flowers too.

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