Squeaky clean

Kevin washed the kitchen windows.

I can’t tell or convey how pretty and shiny they are – you’ll just have to imagine. So bright!! I’m thrilled.

In forever “one forward, one back” mode, the window pane that we were hoping was just dirty is definitely failed (that opaque one at the far upper right). We got a quote for doing the whole huge garden window at the same time that we did the rest of them , but it was enormous ($10K++. gah.) I’m still not clear what this window’s failure means. The ones in the family room, we replaced because they were actively leaking copius amounts of water into the family room. If this one is just foggy (as opposed to actively raining ruin on our home), we might ignore it for a bit?

One thought on “Squeaky clean”

  1. We ignored our two “failed” windows in the Kirkland house for about 5 years, and we didn’t have any water leaks. I’d say it’s fine to leave it for a while… (In my professional opinion – ha!)

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