Playing Catchup

My mom pointed out that the blog has been a little bit quiet recently. I know! I’ve been feeling bad about it, but most of the major activities of the last three weeks (work, taxes, replacing the water heater…) just aren’t blog fodder. If you know what I mean.

See? 14 years old, way out of code, I could go on, but it’s really not interesting. (If you live in Seattle or the Eastside and have water heater people recommendations, we are ALL ears. We’re on company #4 and only moderately hopeful. A backup plan might be just what we need.)

I’ve been enjoying our new lawn mower. 🙂 Taking it out for a spin after work = so satisfying. We seem to have a lot of moss, plenty of clover (and a bunny who comes to munch on it in the evenings!!), and about three kinds of grass. I’d like to plant more, probably just from seed, but I’m not sure how to match what we already have. Any advice?

Kevin went out last weekend and came home with a ton of crafts supplies. Not exactly the norm? Turns out that he wanted to make a light box. (if you think of product shots, where you just have a white background with diffused light and a vague shadow, and no specific lines or horizons, you’ll get the idea.) Apparently you can also tint the light, and there are other benefits. In any case, 45 minutes and $8 later, he was able to take pictures of my sock progress. 🙂 The colors aren’t true and I’ve tripled the progress in the last week (1″ till the heel turn!) but you get the idea.

Finally, try and tell me that THIS doesn’t make you want to improve every switchplate in your house… Just when you thought you might be reaching the end of the pri-1 house projects, the internet comes through again! 🙂

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  1. Where did he buy the tracing paper for the box sides? I am totally going to make one of these!

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