Our friends Shawn and Sanna left their puppy, William with us when they went (to Shawn’s) home in Alabama for Christmas. They brought us back a great BBQ sauce, which we’ve been saving for grilling season. The weather is inching towards consistent, so we had a rib roast. They brought potato salad and delicious, marinated farmers market asparagus, and Larry brought wonderful wine.

Right before they arrived, I found a whole new 10′ tract of mint in the garden, so I pulled it up by the roots and we made mojitos.

The BBQ duo and their dog:

Don’t the ribs look amazing? William was in his element – munching sticks and pinecones, and acting like a happy dog in a yard with lots of birds and squirrels. The party went late, and I didn’t manage to get a shot until the shade had taken over (around 7 pm! Love June!)

The evening concluded with amazing strawberry rhubarb pie, again from Shawn and Sanna. 🙂 What a great, low-speed, delicious afternoon. 🙂

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