Catching up on the home front

Yesterday, we got home and commenced a flurry of house cleaning and catch-up. Within four hours of being home, all of the laundry was clean, folded and put back, the suitcases were away, the lawn was mowed, the fishtank had gotten an hour of cleaning and TLC, and we were feeling organized and happy to be home. 🙂 Nice.

Larry had been our fish sitter, and he went above and beyond, keeping our dudes cool and happy despite the 90+ temps (very rare for Seattle). He also saved a pump by stopping by an extra day – we got an evening phone call from him and could hear the pump screeching away in the background – he said it sounded like it was about to take off. He also took great care of the plants and they grew like mad while we were gone:

I’ll have to buy cages for the tomatoes this week!! Last year it was Amanda and Brian, now Larry. I think my new tomato strategy is to plant them then leave town for at least a week – they seem to thrive under the care of friends. 🙂

I spent the afternoon finally tackling the grout in the shower. Apparently eight days of vacation can give you courage for daunting housework. We’ve been halfheartedly scrubbing at it every few weeks, but what worked in a tub with attached vinyl walls just doesn’t do it for grout. A toothbrush and laundry detergent with bleach did the trick, though it took a few hours. Shiny, pretty grout:

Of all the things to post about, right? But it’s so attractive now, I feel entitled to share. I can’t wait to shower tomorrow. 🙂

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