A Friday post

First of all, happy 27th birthday to me! 🙂

This is sort of an odd milestone, after two years of big ones. Turning twenty-five, getting engaged, getting married, buying a house…! Now it just feels like the goals are to build on and improve existing milestones (marriage, job, house). I can live with that happily, it’s just a very different tenor than past birthdays. (To borrow a page from my technical writer self: “For more information about adulthood, see this Water Heater Post.” 😛 )

Lightening the mood a bit, we have our first tomato!! Green and tiny, but it’s there! (dead center of the photo!)

The cages are an awesome addition to the party. The plants look so much healthier than last year (when I tied them to our deck railing with varying lengths of unwanted yarn), and it’s easier to note their growth against the cages. It was cold into late June, so this just wasn’t the ideal year for tomatoes, but these plants are looking surprisingly healthy at this point. We’ll see?

Also, I have a few plants for the (literally) kitchen garden!!

Left to right, that’s thyme, oregano, chives and basil (I’ve found that basil won’t tolerate having its roots constricted, so it gets a big pot). I’m still on the lookout for cilantro (Kevin loves it) and dill (my favourite), but this is a good start in the right direction. They won’t survive the winter, but I’m hoping that we’ll get a few months of fresh herbs. They smell amazing.

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