Kevin’s curtains

I was so flattered when Kevin said that he wanted curtians like I’d made for my office, just “not with the lace.” Yay! Totally!

We went to Joanns so that Kevin could choose a color, and bought plain white cotton and blue ribbon for the edges. Turns out that ribbon was completely the wrong thing (too stiff, yet won’t hold a pressed edge). Oops.

I found bias tape in almost the same color as Kevin’s ribbon choice at $1.99 for 3 yards and decided to spring for two packages. The ribbon can now get relegated to gift-wrapping. A success!! Here they are open to the view of the rhodedendron and all of the little birds:

And closed for privacy:

Not bad for essentially a 25 minute, $12 project. 🙂

One thought on “Kevin’s curtains”

  1. Wow. Nothing, no matter how simple, has ever been a 25 minute sewing project for me. I didn’t know it was possible!

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