Les Dudes

Kevin just got a new lens – neat! The dudes look great with it. Here’s Click nestling into the leather (he seems to be attempting to host in it – much luck to him? The leather is not enthusiastic. ) :

Plus the clowns being cute:

We’re all worried about the tang. All of a sudden he’s showing signs of headline lateral erosion – a symptom of stress/poor nutrition/water quality/etc. He’s looked a bit symptomatic since we got him early last spring, but for the most part he’s been eating well and nothing seemed to phase him. Now, he’s not eating the Nori and his scales and fins are starting to look very ragged. We’re worried. We just ordered Selcon (a vitamin to soak his food in) so hopefully that will fix things soon. Here’s the tang – you can see the HLE at his temple, and stretching up in an arc from his eye to his tail.

No good. Feel better soon, little dude!!

3 thoughts on “Les Dudes”

  1. Poor tang – I’m really hoping that the vitamins help and he rallies. The pictures with the new camera lens are amazing.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m sorry the tang is sick. It makes me smile to see you pop up on my blog when I talk about fish. :-). Fish blogging buddie!

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